Unit 3 Outcome 3: Presenting a Point of View

Insight chapters 16 & 17


This Outcome requires you to present complex ideas and information in a prepared speech to the class. All classes to undertake this outcome in WEEK 1, term 2.
  • Select an issue which has been in the mainstream Australian media since last September. You need to submit your article to your teacher.
  • Summarise the issue, explaining the reasons why it is contentious, and briefly outline the differing attitudes or viewpoints on the issue.
  • Present your own point of view, ensuring your argument is logically structured and that you have sufficient supporting arguments to support your point of view.
  • Your speech should last a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • You may choose a topic not on the list below, but this must be negotiated with your teacher.


1. Video games are harmful to children.
2. Public transport should be free.
3. Smoking in public places should be banned.
4. People should sign up to donate their organs.
5. Security cameras in all public places are an invasion of privacy.
6. Euthanasia should be legalised.
7. Immunisation should be compulsory for all.
8. Same sex marriages should be legal.
9. Cyber bullying has become the biggest problem for teenagers.
10. Australia should ban live exports.
11. Australia should withdraw troops from Afghanistan.
12. Education should be free.
13. Australia should accept more refugees.
14. Healthcare should be free.

What is the author trying to achieve by using Persuasive Language Techniques?

Authors use PLTs to persuade their audience to:

  • Change their opinion
  • To questions or challenge an opposing point of view
  • To encourage their audience to consider a different point of view, even if they don’t agree with it
  • To affirm their audience’s opinions

Persuasive techniques

  1. Prior knowledge: 13.3 p119
  2. Tone: 13.2 pp107-108
  3. Persuasive techniques: pp109 – 119
  4. Summarise: 13.4 p120

Text types

  1. Headlines 14.1 pp 123 – 124 Q3
  2. Editorial 14.5 pp 131-133 Q 1-4
  3. Opinion 14.7 pp 137 – 139 Q 1-4
  4. Cartoons 14.9 pp 142 – 143 & cartoon analysis sheet
  5. Graphs, charts, tables 14.10 pp 144 – 145


Chapter 15 pp 146 – 151

  • What is the contention?
  • What are the supporting ideas?
  • Which persuasive language techniques are used in the main points?
  • Where can you find examples of these persuasive language techniques in the text?
  • What are the intended effects of the persuasive techniques? i.e. how do they persuade the audience?

Examples to help with persuasive techniques (you will still need to find or write a few of your own examples)

  • ‘Australia is the best country on earth and makes the best beer; Aussies know their beer and drink only fair dinkum Aussie beer.’

  • ‘A good mother will show her love by buying SoftasSilk talcum powder for her baby.’

  • ‘The city is a dangerous place. Your house needs protection. What could happen if you don’t install a ScreenOut security system?’

  • ‘If you love her, you will want to let her know and buying her the new fragrance, XTC, will let her know.’

  • ‘Let’s go over the reasons we know why Soybix is the best.’

  • ‘We have to work together to solve this problem.’

  • ‘Most people (80%) understand that Narelle’s ideas are wrong so you shouldn’t listen to her.’

  • ‘Wipe out 5 or wipe out lives.’

  • ‘Finding it hard to get the family together these days?

  • We care for you, our competitors care for your money; we put you first, they put profit first, we try to safeguard your health and well being, they try to save their pockets.’

  • ‘Make heads turn and crowds fall silent with Desire.’

  • ‘All the kids nowadays are eating Soybix.’

  • ‘Could any parent really deny their child this chance to double their reading speeds and skills with EyeSight?’

  • ‘Hot nights, hot music, but cool people and a cool drink – a perfect match.’

  • ‘Sleek, slim, hard-edged and speedy – designed for young guys who are going places fast – and the girls who are after them.’

  • ‘Big boys buy Bronco boots.’

  • ‘You’re smart? Healthy? Live a busy life? Then you’ll be a Soybix eater.’